Survey of deserted villages: the Sudeten


Did your ancestors live in the Czechoslovak Borderlands? Do you want to find traces of their settlements in the terrain? Do you know that in almost every border forest you can come across almost tiny remains of a deserted settlement? And how can you recognize them safely?

Come with us through Southwest Bohemia or places of your choice connected with your interests to the time when the Czechoslovak borderlands were settled and called Sudetenland, when houses still stood here and cattle grazed in the beautiful meadows. We will take you to the villages that disappeared and from which the local inhabitants were displaced in 1945 on the basis of Benes' decrees. You will see the remains of buildings and cemeteries, we will show you where the roads led and tell you how people lived here. We will teach you how to find and safely identify the remains of the settlement using vegetation signs.

We will drive a route from the foothills of the Šumava Mountains through the entire Bohemian Forest. We will also look at the extinct settlements from the other - German - side.

An experienced driver, who will also act as a guide, will drive you in a historical off-road car. He will acquaint you with the facts and stories told by witnesses. You will also see authentic photographs of the places you visit and maybe you will find just what you are looking for!

Southwest Bohemia
10 hours
Minimum groupsize: 
Maximum groupsize: 
89.00 € / 1 person
The price depends on number of participants.
pick-up service, personal guide, authentic experience, map, entrances, 1x menu, traditional refreshment, photo and video possibility, present
Extra fees and admissions: 
Private Transport – from 10 EUR; B&B – from 29 EUR / 1 person; Professional Photos & Video – from 39 EUR
We explore in all weather except snow and frost calamity!

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