Health and Safety


The Czech Republic is free of terrorist incidents and generally has a low crime rate. However, pick-pocketing is a problem mainly in Prague and some other tourist sites. Although you will probably have our personal guides, please be careful when you are travelling by public transportation or visiting crowded places. Incidents of violent crime are very infrequent. Please ignore people who are trying to stop you on the street and asking you for alms or offering you some services (like money exchange), it is most likely a scam. Auto break-ins are common in major Czech cities. Do not leave valuables (portable GPS navigators, cell phones, money, passports…) visible inside vehicles in the streets or car parks.

Czech bars and dance clubs are quite safe. Avoid purchasing illicit drugs if offered to you, this is illegal in the Czech Republic. Beware that majority of venues designated as night clubs or marked with red heart is connected with prostitution which is not legal.

Use caution when taking a taxi, particularly in Prague some taxi drivers can overcharge unsuspecting tourists. Always ask for a price estimate, make sure the driver is using the meter and provides you with a receipt. All taxis should be properly marked with a black-white stripe and a Taxi light.


The basic vaccine that you should have everywhere in Europe is tetanus. There is no need of other special vaccination in the Czech Republic. There is recommended to be vaccinated again hepatitis A / B.


In case of emergency:

emergency number 112

Or you can directly reach:

medical first aid at 155

police at 158 

fireman at 150

First aid

Call emergency number 112 just in case of sudden illness or injury when first aid is needed. The ambulance should reach you in a few minutes. The staff is mostly speaking english or german. If the situation is not so urgent you can make it to the hospital on your own, there are non-stop emergency departments in all hospitals.

Health care

Healthcare in the Czech Republic fulfills the highest standards of the best health centers in Europe or North America, yet the costs are below the EU average. Many breakthrough operations – for example the first robot-assisted surgery – were performed here. In Pilsen the foreigners visit hospital "FN Lochotin". In Prague there are specialized foreign department at high-quality hospitals “Na Homolce” and “FN Motol”.


To buy medicine you need to go to a pharmacy (in Czech language “lékárna”, usually marked with a green cross). Some basic medicine (like painkillers, flu medicine etc.) is available over-the-counter, for some you would need a prescription from Czech doctor.


It is very important to find out before you leave whether your medical insurance would cover you abroad. Most of the EU insurances they are accepted in Czech Republic. Ask your insurance company whether your policy applies in the Czech Republic and whether Czech hospitals visit and other emergencies are covered. If your policy doesn’t apply abroad we strongly recommend taking out travel insurance for your trip.

If you want to do any experience with us, don´t be afraid – our clients could be automatically insured!! Our strong european insurance partner who made insurance straight for our clients´purposes with the highest insurance payment in the Czech Republic! For all of our clients and their goods the travel medical insurance and libility insurance apply by the enter to the train or plane in the homeland. Naturally it´s valued at all ExperienCZE experiences and after (up to 15 days of your stay in Czechia), 24 hours per day, during the work, during the leisure, in the unsafe situation (except alcohol and drugs impact), during sports (except professional, diving more than 40 m, rafting over WWIII, alpinism over UIAA5) and adrenalin experience (except flight experiences).

For more info please check our Insurance site or contact our specialist here or via our email.

Visitors from the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland must have a European Health Insurance Card which proves that you are insured. In this case your insurance company will pay for the medical care. However, the insurance company will not pay for anything above the framework of essential care.

Non-European visitors should purchase a commercial travel insurance policy (partner code is 17580-00).

With no insurance you would have to pay for all provided health care, translator or laywer.