Our story

WE… are real: legendary, present and future!

ExperienCZE is one of the most authentic Enjoy Travel Agency officially established by Dr. Martin Moravec in Pilsen, Czech Republic. The foundation stone was layed 17. 3. 2007 and whole project was officially introduced in 2015. Since 5. December 2019 we are ExperienCZE Inc.

The big idea of enjoy travel agency originated probably in a small beer cellar in Pilsen, 2007 after Christ and after Moravec´s join to Erasmus Student Network and International Summer School team. During next 5 years Martin did with team of young volunteers over 150 fantastic events with more than 25 000 Czech Republic impressed students, their parents, accidental and less accidental visitors or people around. From that time, Mr. Moravec graduated in archaelogy and teaching, finished marketing and tourism study, living and travelling around Britain, Baltic States, Egypt, Germany, Vietnam, New Zealand…searching sence of the life and luck. And he found the sence of life in his brain and heart, in the heart of the Europe. It´s not the fairy tale.

The people around changed, but environment remains favourable for new foreigner´s challenge! Martin created in 2013 his own project of enjoy travel agency named ExperienCZE +/-100% made in Czechoslovakia from Czech products producing satisfied clients & employees returning to our enjoy travel family spreading a good name of our company! Our big advantage is that WE ARE TEAM of various profession - the ExperienCZEd team! Young group of enthusiastic friends fulfiling yours´ and other peoples´ dreams – live in experience!

Why we do it?

We give to our foreign & domestic guests what else can´t experience thanks to our well-being tours, fullfilling cognition, experiences. We want to wake up pride on our country and give visitors insight into our country & lifes.

And....because we are missing all the unforgettable events, all the great trips, all the tasting and observing amazed faces about us. And because we are from city next to Prague, almost unknown (except beer :)), supporting and looking forward European Capital of Culture and opportunity to practicing languages - speak more English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, to show our paradise and wonders to Africans, Americans, Asians, Australians, Europeans, Oceanians or no matter who! Because we want, we can, and we do it!! Simply…we want to be best & show the Czechia to the world!

What you get?

One big true and thing is If I am travelling around the world the people have same problems, but they have also different way of thinking and solving them, through unique culture, mystic places and various things. So we will lead you to our hidden places, we will meet interesting native people, you will watch and try the real life and taste a peace of Czech culture, feel free, safe and happy, impressed and satisfied…you will get the best from the Czech Republic!

Our goal? Is your goal (1:1)! Your problem...is our problem!

Your satisfaction is our biggest goal! Because from our foreign experience, if you will be satisfied, we will be happy too and you will come back - as a friend. So that we put emphasis on ExperinCZEd staff which realy take care about you and your opinions and approach individually and kindly to you. So that we come to you with personally care, we offer you all the possibilities to comunicate with us! Your problem is our problem. Your goal is our goal!

Communication is only the way…

Are you planning to visit the European Capital of Culture? Do you want to know about traffic rules in Czech Republic? Do you need a help with finding accomodation, babysitter for your child/dog/cat or frog? In all and more cases don´t hesitate to contact us via form, phone 00420 608 12 00 55, info@experiencze.euFacebook or Twitter. Ask, commend or simple write your unforgettable experience! We´ll try to make your life better!!

We live ExperienCZEch Republic and we are ready to help you!

Martin Moravec

Founder & CEO, ExperienCZE








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