The official language in the Czech Republic is Czech. Plenty of young people speak English and German. Sometimes they speak spanish, french or other language. The older generation can speak Russian.


You can find everywhere in the Czech civilization widely Wi-Fi and other internet access. You can often get connected in cafés, hotels, restaurants, libraries and many other locations. If you don’t have your own laptop or smart phone, you can use services of local internet cafés or libraries.


Mobile phones in the Czech Republic work on frequencies of 900 MHz and 1,800 MHz.

The international dialing code of the Czech Republic is +420 (00420), if you are calling from the US use 011420. If you need information about Czech phone numbers, call 1188; the service is provided in English, French and Russian. Numbers starting with 800 are toll free. You can pay for certain services (like tram tickets) through a text message.

Phone booths are usually located in city centers and shopping centers, near post office or transportation centres, stations, etc. You will need small change to use these or you can byu a phone card at post office, newsagent´s or sometimes in tobacco shops.


Czech post offers standard modern post services. Here you can find post office locations. If you want to send a postcard or letter abroad, you can get poststamps at a post office, newsagent´s or sometimes in tobacco shops.


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