Judaism and Jewish experience in the Czech Republic: Prague

Prague was since the Middle Ages highly occupied by Jewish community, therefore the Jewish religion has strong presence in Prague history and modern time. We will guide you through the 2nd biggest ghetto in the world - Old Jewish town. You will hear the story about Rabi Löw (Jehuda Ben Becalel) and his famous Golem (created by Maharal) or Franz Kafka. During the second world war most of the Jews were deported to the Nazi concentration camps; there, you will find the traces of Prague Jewish merchants, craftmen and other community members. Once in a while you will pass by the so called Stolpersteine with names of Jewish families deported to concentration camps. You will visit the most important synagogues, the old Jewish cemeteries with Hebrew lettering, you will walk around only one kosher hotel with restaurant in Europe, and listen how live Prague Jews now. If you are in the Czech Republic in Prague, Judaism and Jewish experience is a must!

4,5 hours
Minimum groupsize: 
Maximum groupsize: 
49.00 € / 1 person
The price depends on number of participants.
pick-up service, personal guide, authentic experience, 7 x entrance, map, booklet, traditional refreshment, photo & video possibility, present
Extra fees and admissions: 
Private Transfer – from 10 EUR; B&B - from 29 EUR / 1 Person; Professional Photos & Video - from 39 EUR
Please, take trousers and scarf for covering shoulders.

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