Castles in the Czech Republic: Kašperk Mountain Castle


It is said that the Czech Republic has the highest number of castles in the world!! There are so many amazing castles that you will definitely feel like you’re in the Middle Ages! Also, the The Pilsner region is an area filled with fairy tale castles, forts and battle places. They are usually situated on the hills with the best panoramic views, surrounded by forests, amazing lower castle, ditches, and tiny houses.

Kašperk (Karlsberg) castle is the highest situated royal castle in Bohemia. This castle was founded in 1356 by Charles IV by three reasons, to protect the border with Bavaria, to protect gold ritch area in Kašperské mountains and to ensure the safety of trade routes known as the Golden Path. Let´s find out how is it with protection of Czech gold in mountains now!

Pilsen region
5 hours
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49.00 € / 1 person
The price depends on number of participants.
personal guide, authentic tour, map, 1 x entrance, traditionally refreshment, photo and video possibility, present
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Private Transport up to 160 km - 69 EUR / up to 6 people; B&B - from 29 EUR / 1 person; Professional Photos & Video - from 29 EUR
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