Typical for a climate in the Czech Republic is the European northern temperate zone and moderating climate with four seasons. Winter is usually cold (up to -30°C) with a lot of snow graduating in the middle of the February; summer is warm with steady temperatures around 25°C.

The best time to visit the Czech Republic is from May to September when the weather is warm and all attractions (castles, museums, outside sport games) are open. In spring (late March to May) and in autumn (September to November) weather is quite variable, usually chillier & rainy but crowds are fewer. In winter (late December – March) you will likely see it all covered with snow which is very charming. And it is the right time for skiing or inside activities!


Summer brings warm weather with some storms. Some days are hot (25°C up to 35°C), few days colder and rainy. Autumn and spring are very changeable but it can be as high as 20°C in September or early May. In winter temperatures may reach as low as –5°C to –30°C, the winter average is roughly –2°C. The average year temperature is between 5,5°C – 9°C.